Bookings and Payment

How do I apply to be a stallholder at the Old Bus Depot?

We’re always looking for new stallholders. All applications need to be submitted through our Website.

How do I book in?

Once you’ve been approved to be a stallholder, you’re able to book in online through our website under the “Info for Stallholders” tab where there’s no credit card surcharge. Alternatively, you can book in via phone (02 6295-3331) from 10am-3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays with 1% credit card surcharge. Please book in only for the market theme day(s) that you’ve been approved for as noted in your approval email.

When is the best time to book in and pay?

You can make your booking anytime. We encourage all our stallholders to book in as early as possible. This allows for the possibility to be used in promotional material and  allows us the time to draft an optimal floor plan.

When is the deadline for bookings and payments?

As per our terms and conditions, we strongly encourage all stallholders to book in and make a payment before COB Wednesdays. This aids us in organising an effective floor plan. Online booking for the immediate Sunday closes Thursday noontime. Late payment fees apply after the market date.

Do you accept Debit Transfers?

Only payments over the phone and online are accepted.

How do I cancel my booking?

For booking cancellations, please email or text 0481 170 847. Alternatively, you can call the office from 9am to 5pm Tuesdays to Thursdays. Please inform us of your cancellation before Friday midnight for the coming Sunday or penalties may apply.

What if I need to cancel my booking due to illness or related matters?

If you’re cancelling due to an illness, please email a doctor’s note to This would allow you to avoid a deduction in your annual cancellation allowance.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my booking?

Provided your cancellation is made before COB Wednesday for the Sunday of which you are booked, we can credit your account for what you have already paid, and you can use this towards your next booking dates.

How is my information kept?

The Old Bus Depot Markets strives to be a paperless office. All information is digitally kept.


Market Requirements

What needs to be included in my public liability insurance?

We require your public liability insurance to cover at least for $20 million each for public liability and product liability. We can also provide a single-day coverage for $15 per day.

Do I need a food licence?

Yes. All food stallholders must have their own food licence.


Market Guidelines

When will I know my stall allocation?

You can find out your final stall allocation on the morning of the Market day.

How early can I arrive at the Markets?

The Market opens for setup from 7am on Sundays. Feel free to approach our Sunday Manager who will be more than happy to assist you with your stall.

Where should I park?

You can park at the back of the building off printers way.

What’s the stall size?

Single stalls come in approximately 3×3 metre spaces. Should you need more space, you can book for more stalls.

Can I request a corner space?

You can book a corner space as an add-on: $29.50 for regulars and $35.70 for casuals. A maximum of two corners are allowed. Corner spaces are subject to availability.

Can I request for power?

If needed, we can provide you with power at the markets as an add-on for $21. Power is subject to availability.

Do I need to bring my own table and table cloths?

You can bring your own tables. Alternatively, you can rent one for $10 per table.

Am I able to use a trolley?

You can rent a trolley for $2 from the market manager at the office.

Can I bring a gazebo or a tent?

If needed, especially if you’re situated outdoors, we highly encourage you bring your own gazebo or tent. We cannot guarantee to have ones available for rent.

What time do I pack up?

Our Markets are open from 9:30am – 2:30pm on Sundays. We strongly encourage our stallholders to pack up no sooner than the closing time to ensure all visitors receive a quality experience, and all stallholders make the most of their business opportunity.


New products and market dates

Can I introduce products other than what was agreed upon?

If you would like to add to your current product range, please email Afterwards, we’ll discuss your new product and the theme day it will be suitable for.

Can I apply for more market dates?

If you believe that your stall and products would be well-suited for another theme day, please email and we will be happy to discuss this with you.