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26 September, 2018

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Resin Doll started in 2012 as a creative outlet for owner and stay-at-home mum Caroline Winefield. Her love of  alternative fashion, vintage, and rockabilly items inspired her to create a functional and eye-catching assortment of accessories at affordable prices.

“All my resin pieces are lovingly hand-mixed and poured into personally designed molds,” says Caroline who works from her home studio in the north of Canberra. She uses high-quality resin having taught herself the methods of casting that allows her to use a mix of custom colours that result in unique designs. Over the past six years, Resin Doll has blossomed from a few chunky little pendants to a full range of vintage and rockabilly-inspired pieces to suit anyone and everyone. 

But wait. What’s rockabilly you ask? According to, rockabilly is an early form of rock music that originated in the American South that was popular from the mid-1950’s to 1960, experiencing a revival in the late 1970’s. One of the biggest proponents of the genre was Elvis Presley who played an intense rhythm-driven musical style on his first recordings. The genre was so popular that it inspired many bands all the way in the UK, one of the most notable of which were The Beatles.


“All my resin pieces are lovingly hand-mixed and poured into personally designed moulds”


Rockabilly carries clear inspiration in many of the Resin Doll’s designs evoking the exciting fashion styles from the 1950’s from bright belts to beautifully-coloured earrings. They also bring a modern-day twist to vintage accessories like headbands, turbans, brooches, cardi-clips, shoe-clips, and a special range of one-off Cat Eye Sunglasses.

Resin Doll has recently expanded to include a large range of high quality imported accessories designed to finish that pinup perfect outfit. In addition to the above mentioned products, belts, bags, wallets, makeup and hosiery/socks can all now be found as a part of their permanent range. Having been a stall that brings so much creativity to the Markets, it’s wonderful to see Resin Doll expand and thrive as a successful business made in Canberra.

See Resin Doll in person at the Old Bus Depot Markets on 14 October for Retro Depot. They also participate on other theme days such as the first and third Sundays of the month and November’s Jewel of Canberra.

See the full range of products by Resin Doll via their website at and keep up to date with their latest products via their Facebook page @ResinDoll.

You can also keep up with the latest on Canberra’s Sunday Best by liking us on Facebook @OldBus DepotMarkets.



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