MG Car Club Canberra is Driving In


Ahead of our upcoming Retro Depot Event, the MG Car Club will be driving into the Markets this 7 October. This will be a fantastic time to see some the grand MG models in person, and chat with owners and enthusiasts alike. So if you’re an enthusiast yourself, or know someone who’ll be interested, you know just where to be.

According to the MG Car Club Canberra website, the Club started in the 1960’s and early members held monthly meetings at the Larke Hoskins Showrooms in Mort Street, Braddon. The Club presently serves as a place of camaraderie for passionate owners, and as a source of information about MGs in general. Their website holds information about the Club history and details about the committee and membership.

It’s easy to understand why people would be interested in the MGs. From the early days, its various models have been tested in competition. The name MG is short for Morris Garages which is a British automotive company that opened in the 1920’s. Early models were remodelled Morris cars, and the first car considered to be an all new MG was the MG 18/80 in 1928. The MG brand was later renamed to MG Motor after the 22 July, 2005 acquisition by the Nanjing Automobile Group who bought the assets for £53million.

Looking back, the brand has certainly produced a stunning array of classic cars. Between the F-type Magna, the MGB GT, and mid-sized Y-type, the brand is simply a standout design quality. Speaking of car models, a bit of trivia from says that when MG decided to build a Group B Rally Car in the 1980’s to take on the Audi Quattros and the Peugeot 205 T16s in the World Rally Championship, it was the MG Metro that was used as basis for the 6R4, a four-wheel drive rally car with a 3.0-litre V6 engine.

If that lit a lightbulb in your head, then do drop by the Markets this 7 October when the MG Car Club looks to bring many stunning models with a tonne of visual appeal. 

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