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13 September, 2018


Ever wanted to step and move in a rhythmic fashion that’s visually appealing? We trust that’s a resounding yes. Because it’s time to get your dancing shoes on and give swing dancing a go!

To celebrate the best of the swingin’ 50’s, Swing Katz will hold a FREE TASTER CLASS for Retro Depot this 14 October. Show up 11am in front of the Markets where the group will perform and teach a few fundamental steps. Swing Katz is a passionate group of dancers that invites people to try swing dancing in a friendly, no-pressure environment. Expect a touch of vintage flair as they’re a young and fun-loving group who love to perform the dances, music and style of the 1920’s through to the 50’s. They specialise in Charleston and Lindy Hop among other related swing dances.The best part is that you won’t be dancing alone. Swing dance has always been social since it started. According to the Swing Dance Company UK website, “swing dance” is a broad term that refers to dancing with a partner. It began in America back in the 1920’s and 30’s when big bands overtook pop culture. Jazz music in the Harlem District in New York progressed to new levels of excitement, and the new sound called for new physical means of expression. Lindy Hop was born. It then developed from following the footsteps of other dance crazes of the time including the Charleston and the Foxtrot.

Ready for a bit of trivia? Why the name Lindy Hop? The story goes that a group of dancers in New York coined the term from pilot Charles Lindbergh who in 1927 made history by “hopping” over the Atlantic.

Like Lindy Hop, classes with Swing Katz is fun and designed to get you feeling confident as soon as possible. They cover all the basic steps including the fundamental techniques of leading and following. To join their beginners classes, don’t even worry about bringing a partner or pre-registration. Just turn up on the night and they’ll sort everything out for you.
Join us on Retro Depot this 14 October for a FREE TASTER CLASS in swing dance. After their dance demo, Swing Katz will teach some basic steps to get you looking and feeling great on the dance floor. The group is known for their kinetic performances and fun classes, so either come alone or bring the whole family as we get fit and have a ball.

To learn more about Swing Katz, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook @CanberraSwingKatz.

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