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Pop Artist Matt Judd of 213 Art can’t seem to catch a break. What he previously joked to be “bloke art” has caught on and now he’s loaded with requests for custom orders. From pop art to stencils, he’s spent dozens of hours creating characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Marvel Universe to name a few. And that was just on a Monday.

If you’ve ever been to the Markets before you most likely would have come across 213 Art and admired some of Matt’s works that he displays on the walls. The subjects of his paintings are representations of superhero, anime, popular film characters, musicians, among other sources that are depicted in an artful way and are customised to suit the customer’s taste.

Speaking of superheroes, Matt himself grew up as an only child  from a broken home that was heavily influenced by popular culture and celebrity. He understands the allure of artworks that epitomise characters and images that people may aspire to become and revere. Matt believes in giving back by creating works of art that can help people 

We’re certainly glad to have Matt and 213 Art a part of the OBDM family. With Makers-Con on 9 September right around the corner, 213 Art illustrates the event’s vision by constantly blending high-quality handcrafted items with pop culture inspirations. If you’ve yet to come across Matt’s stall or have been meaning to display another inspirational character on your wall, be sure to drop by 213 Art.

To find out more about 213 Art, read our previous conversation with Matt earlier in the year where we spoke in more detail about his experience in selling his paintings at the Markets. You can also visit to see his previous works and make a custom order.

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