Five Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Know someone who needs a break? Perhaps a back rub after a long day at work? With Father’s Day coming up, we know that a day of fishing at the lake or an afternoon drinking with mates at the pub sounds like the perfect way to unwind. But first, why not drop by the Markets where there’s plenty of fabulous gift ideas for dad.


Hughes Model Ships

Simon has been coming to the Old Bus Depot Markets for the past 20 years with finely detailed wooden ship models. After discovering them in Ho Chi Minh City in 1995, he knew exactly what he wanted to craft in Canberra. The models include some of the most famous ships in history including the short-lived Vasa, the still extant HMS Victory, the HMB Endeavour, among many others. With prices that range from $150-$550, they certainly make for a fantastic mantelpiece at home.

See Hughes Model Ships exclusively at the Old Bus Depot Markets.


The Metal Guy

How about some stunning metal sculptures from Dave, The Metal Guy? Look closely at these mini-sculptures and you’ll see that they’re actually artfully made from discarded metal items. Indeed, dave is doing his part for the environment so that dad could potentially have a friendly owl made of forks and spoons perched on his office desk. They would make for a great ice-breaker, certainly.

To find out more about The Metal Guy and see his range of metal sculptures, visit his website at


Andrew Gittoes Woodturning

If metal isn’t dad’s thing, then how about unique home items masterfully crafted out of wood. The master craftsman is Andrew Gittoes who has made a number of finely designed wooden bowls, fruits, and other paraphernalia that perfect to decorate your home kitchen or living room.

Andrew Gittoes Woodturning has a stallholder page on our website where you can see a small gallery of his handcrafts and contact details.


Giardi Design

It’s absolutely hard to miss Giardi’s stall at the Markets. With disco ball and dance music to boot, their stall presentation is sure to grab your attention. But really, the highlight of Giardi Design are their Swarovski crystal studded items. While their aprons are prominently displayed, they also have a line of towels and bathrobes that you can have custom-designed for a his & hers gift that’s sure to sparkle.

See Giardi Design’s full product range on their website at


Smokey G’s BBQ Joint

Perhaps you’re not after a gift idea per se, but for a fun Sunday stroll around Canberra’s Sunday Best. In this case, we hope you’re hungry. Because among the many delectable food at the markets, Smokey G’s has a mouth-watering range of all things barbecued as tt shows that people can’t get enough of their meats. They currently sport a coveted 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook given by 33 people.

Catch a glimpse of Smokey G’s food options on their Facebook page @SmokeyGsBBQJoint


Of course, there’s so many more gift ideas at the Markets besides the few examples provided in this article. It’s also Multicultural Sunday so expect foreign-themed carpets, accessories, and beaded figurines to name a few. Whether for shopping or just out to enjoy the sunnier weather, we hope to see you on Sunday!

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