Camelot Mohair

Camelot Mohair Company produces a wide variety of luxury natural fibre yarns that are artisan dyed in small batch dyelots. They have a commitment to produce top quality natural fibres. Their yarns include mohair, boucle mohair, 100% merino wool, and merino wool blends including cashmere & silk. Luxury and hand-dyed yarns start at $25. 

New 2-ply yarns, sought after by customers, will be showcased at this year’s Canberra Wool Expo on 18-19 May. “They are a wonderful pure merino wool yarn and super soft kid mohair and silk blend in a range of hand-dyed colour ways,” says Camelot Mohair Owner Michelle Rawlings.

They also have a recent addition to their range which are 17 and a half micron superfine merino 4-ply yarns. These yarns are a beautiful soft yarn which is the very best quality that can be produced. Customers have been very positive in their feedback on working with this wonderful new yarn. Traditional 8-ply or DK, as well as a lovely textured thick and thin chunky yarn for bulky projects are also available.


“You still have to start with the top quality fleeces”


Camelot Mohair opened in the 1970s in Sutton, NSW with a strong focus on breeding Angora goats hence the name “mohair”. Co-owner Irene Rawlings bred Angora Goats even before the National Breed Society had formed. Her experience gave her a keen eye to spot the best animals that produce the best fibre.

Regarding sheep, Michelle recognises the similarities in the breeding and production process. “When we were at Gundaroo, we ran the sheep and goats as well,” says Michelle. “Even the diet of the animal affects the fineness of the raw fibre so there’s a lot involved in the production. You can’t process the raw fibre to make a better product at the end. You still have to start with the top quality fleeces.”

Overtime, Camelot Mohair grew and it didn’t take long for them to transition into producing their own yarn and finished products. They implemented a number of processes such as hand-spinning, mixing coloured wool, and natural dyeing. The business has designed, hand-dyed, hand-knitted and handwoven one-of-a-kind mohair garments that have been highly sought after. 


“Natural fibres have strength, lightness, warmth, feel, softness, & lustre that are unsurpassed”


Camelot Mohair now currently focuses on producing luxury high-quality yarns. Part of their key to quality is about being highly selective about the types of fleeces that are selected to be spun. “We don’t use the coarser microns,” says Michelle. “For example, in our 4-ply yarns, we’re looking at 17 and a half microns. So that would be getting down to the most expensive fleeces that you can buy.

“For your average customer, what you’re looking for is a long staple in the fleece. A longer fibre means that it wears better. There’s less ends sticking out of it so that has a very nice, soft feel and you can actually feel the quality of the yarn. I would also advise knowing who you’re sourcing the yarn from and whether it’s an authentic product.

“Discerning customers of the Canberra Wool Expo understand the need for quality. The best quality product produce the best fibre projects. Natural fibres have strength, lightness, warmth, feel, softness, & lustre that are unsurpassed.”


“The Canberra Wool Expo is therefore a fitting venue to showcase some of what the region has to offer in the way of locally produced wool and fibre”


Camelot Mohair is no stranger to the Canberra Wool Expo. They are a staple to the Markets and have developed a strong and loyal following for their luxury yarns. “The Canberra region is renowned for being one of Australia’s best for growing the superfine merino wool,” says Michelle. “The Canberra Wool Expo is therefore a fitting venue to showcase some of what the region has to offer in the way of locally produced wool and fibre.

“The highly anticipated Canberra Wool Expo is an opportunity to meet, exchange, be inspired, learn & teach all in the one venue. A vast range of fibre enthusiasts get together in an open friendly environment to enjoy two fun days out.”

Camelot Mohair also recommends visiting our fellow fibre artisans found at the Old Bus Depot’s Canberra Wool Expo; Alice at Nullabor Nights Knitwear, Bev at Belisa Cashmere, and Claire at Claire Patterson Knitwear.

Come and see Irene and Michelle Rawlings at the Canberra Wool Expo on 18-19 May for all your hand-dyed luxury yarns. They also stock a large range of unique buttons for finishing off all your crafting projects. Follow them on Instagram @CamelotMohair to catch a glimpse of their products.

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