Green Savvy Sunday Competition

Green Savvy Sunday at the Old Bus Depot Markets

Our 2010 Green Savvy Sunday Competition has now closed…

Congratulations to Angela Ivanovici

18 Entries

  1. Todd, 13 September, 2010:

    The best thing about my backyard is my ‘man shed’. For keeping all my stuff that I will one day do something with!

  2. Clint, 13 September, 2010:

    my 25 year old olive tree that keeps the cupboard full of homegrown olives!

  3. Lybbie Semple, 14 September, 2010:

    What I love about my ‘backyard’ is that there is no grass to mow – I have two balconies only. My ongoing challenge is what to grow seasonally and how to set it out so that it is as much a colourful display as a source of wonderful food; and that it is somewhere I can interact with my lovely grandchildren in a positive way, passing on old traditions and encouraging new methods; as well as showing that everything doesn’t have to be big and better to be worthwhile.

  4. Jenny Hobbs, 14 September, 2010:

    The thing I love about my backyard is the potential it has to be turned into something creative,beautiful and productive.
    At the moment it is all lawn but my daughter and I (first time gardeners)are planning to fill it with vegetables, fruit, herbs, lemon tree, lime tree and some quail to produce eggs. Can’t wait to pick our first lettuce, tomotoes, herbs and collect our first egg!
    Am also looking forward sitting in my garden, feet up, cup of herb tea and a good book!

  5. STEPHEN KENDAL, 14 September, 2010:

    the backyard we have in our apartment makes possible the most beautiful collection of especially tulips

  6. Jill, 15 September, 2010:

    I love my crab apple tree especially at this time of year with first it’s burgandy leaves making way for the heavenly scented burgandy blossum. The birds love it too to swing on and perch above the water feature while they wait for it to produce its little red nibble fruit

  7. Jill, 15 September, 2010:

    I love my crab apple tree especially at this time of year with its burgandy leaves making way for the heavenly scent of its burgandy blossums. The birds love it too for perching on its branches as they dip into the water feature for a quick dip or as the months pass to nibble on its tiny little fruits

  8. anne colquitt, 16 September, 2010:

    What I love about my backyard are the banana trees that fruit sometimes twice a year. I especially love a warm summer night when the vege patch has just been watered and by wicker basket is brimming with produce from my garden to make a ma

  9. Steve & family, 18 September, 2010:

    Our backyard is part of our lifestyle… kids playing and laughing – kids and adults learning about organic fruit trees, veges and herbs – Wags the dog, Fudge the lop-eared rabbit and Pussa the cat – neighbours chatting over the fence and offering a few vege growing tips – friends and family enjoying a yarn around the BBQ …it’s where we love to live!

  10. Gillian hollingsworth, 25 September, 2010:

    My name for my yard is ‘whimsy’. I love the sudden smile that visitors can’t help when they see the little whimsical touches I have in my yard. Some can only be seen when you are in the deep end of the pool. Some people while smiling say’whats the point of that’ and I reply ‘that is! ‘.

  11. DB, 7 October, 2010:

    I love watching the Blue Wrens nesting in my shrubs.

  12. Luke, 7 October, 2010:

    I love just HAVING a (small) backyard. After living in apartments for the last 10 years, we now have space for the BBQ as well as some australian natives, a herb garden and veggies – just waiting until the beginning of November to put the tomato’s in!

  13. nicola, 9 October, 2010:

    Its potential and that you just have to start somewhere to receive the rewards of homegrown fruit, herbs or vegetables.I am still working on the herb bit.

  14. Meghan, 11 October, 2010:

    Our back yard is lovable for its sunshine, assorted species of birds and sun-loving lizards, and our top-secret veggie garden against the backdrop of an industrial estate.

  15. Angela Ivanovici, 12 October, 2010:

    My backyard – I love the change from Spring’s big, white cherry and pink plum and peach blossoms and baby greens to summer’s lush verdant canopy of leaves, kiwi and grape vines, veges and herbs, to Autumn’s fiery reds, orange and yellow to Winter’s simplicity of bare branches and resting earth – home to silvereyes, wrens, ladybirds and us.

  16. Philippa Prince, 12 October, 2010:

    I love our backyard as it’s the total package – a playground for the kids, a relaxing spot for a BBQ and a glass of wine for the adults, a little microcosm of self-sufficiency with veggie patches, fruit trees, chooks, and compost heaps, and a lovely place to zone-out clipping, weeding, planting (… or should this read at the moment a place of endless labour battling an amazing onslaught of weeds and triffid-like growth?!).

  17. Emma, 12 October, 2010:

    My “backyard” is actually out the front and even though it’s really small, I love the challenge of finding ways to make it work for me. I plan to experiment on a microscale with fruit and veggies – because after all: from little things, big things grow.

  18. Jules, 13 October, 2010:

    Our garden is my happy place, rain or shine. My family spends hours together in our garden just enjoying life.

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