Thelma Gillian Scarves


I have been creating scarves and formal wraps for many years, selling them almost exclusively at the Old Bus Depot Markets.

Initially, I also held “Champagne and Shawls” parties for friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, assisted by the glamorous help of sixteen year old daughters of friends to do the modelling.


At first I used commercially printed fabrics, hand-hemmed every scarf and then beaded the hems or added fringing or tassels.

Since then I have done many workshops on dyeing techniques, have travelled overseas to buy fabric and spent some time in Japan doing indigo dyeing classes .

Now most of my work is hand-dyed, painted or printed. I have moved on from felting….


My most popular scarves are hand-painted with heliographic dyes which are done (predictably) outside in the sun.

Before the silk dries, I add things like leaves, twigs, seaweed, feathers, wooden shapes or whatever appeals.

These objects block the sun’s rays, leaving an interesting pale “shadow-like” effect on the silk.

Each scarf is unique as colours are mixed separately each one and the leaves etc. are also different each time.


With indigo dyeing (messy laundry…) I use shibori folding techniques to create pattern and texture.

For these scarves I use different silk fabrics, including blends with bamboo, wool and cotton, a fine etamine wool, muslin and a muslin/linen blend.


Another interesting technique is eco-dyed fabric using natural materials like leaves, flowers, bark, skins and vegetables.

This is usually done on silk, but cotton and wool are fine too.


And then there are the fibre-reactive dyes used on silk devore  (etched) fabric.

This is quite fascinating.

Two contrasting colours are added to the same pot, with one dye attaching to the cellulose in the satin pattern, and the other dye searching out the protein in the silk chiffon background. Magic!


My stall at the Old Bus Depot Market is not static and the range of scarves I present is always changing.

I live  in Canberra, not far from the markets and on occasions, I have clients call by to collect orders or to pick up a last minute present.


I have EFTPOS facilities


Eco dyed shawls and scarves made from silk, cotton, and wool as well as scarves felted shawls and wraps