Refurbish. Repurpose. Rehome. Furniture from new stallholder boyandgirlco

OBDM-Enews-boyandgirlcoCarlo and Anita’s business, boyandgirlcowas born out of a simple meal in Sydney that totally changed the way they live. They dined at a restaurant that used simple, recycled furniture, and they say that it wasn’t until they experienced what felt right, and honest, did they know that there was a simpler, better way to exist.

And now these newcomers to the markets are producing some amazing furniture out of recycled materials.The pair always stick to the simple mantra –  refurbish, repurpose and rehome –  and create furniture that is sustainable, durable and honest.

This Canberra couple started making furniture for themselves late last year, and after friends and family commented positively about their work, they started making and selling pieces including coffee tables, multi-purpose tables, book shelves of various sizes and styles, wine racks and side tables. Each piece is hand crafted in their studio in Mitchell using fully recycled materials – mainly heat treated pallets sourced from other Canberra businesses.

Having previously had full time jobs, Carlo and Anita have gained so much exposure through the markets where they began late last year, that they have now quit their jobs, and have added two dedicated members to the boyandgirlco family, Graham and Vic, to focus full time on creating for boyandgirlco.

Boyandgirlco are now at the markets twice a month, so pop in and see their works on your next visit.  You can discuss items you like, and obtain a quote for them to source materials and custom-make a unique piece for you. A piece that is not mass-produced. A piece that has character.