Carol’s Creations

Carol’s Creations sells a unique and colourful range of handmade jewellery and accessories every Sunday at the Old Bus Depot Markets and at other retail shops. Owner and Designer Carol Webster has been with the Markets since its inception over 24 years ago and through it she’s expanded her designs, met with many repeat customers, and created memories that have become real gems.
“I do a very eclectic mix of jewellery,” says Carol. “I don’t just do one thing because then I would be bored. So one week I’ll hand-paint things and another week I’ll make things from clay.” Carol’s Creations produces one-of-a-kind designs that include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clip-ons, brooches, and pins for hats and lapels. In addition to the items sold at the Markets, Carol accepts bespoke orders for special occasions such as weddings, and she also accepts requests for repairs.
Carol uses a wide range of materials to create her pieces. These include various modelling clays, specialty paint and resin, glass, copper, brass, Sterling Silver and 9-carat Gold with Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones, and fresh water pearls. She makes an effort to use materials sourced locally in Australia. Most pieces are hand-painted on Australian plantation timber. There are also pieces that have been made using recycled metals.

“I really feel like part of their family because I’ve known them since they were four and five”

For the busy Jewel of Canberra event coming on the 11th of November, Carol has prepared a range of special bird brooches including those of the Canberra Blue Wren and the Spotted Pardalote. In addition to her weekly products, a new set of handmade copper and hand-painted jewellery have also been added.
Since 1994, Carol has won numerous Champion and First Prize ribbons in the Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney Royal Shows, as well as Art Show Prizes and International juried jewellery competitions. She has also been featured in articles from publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, and The Australian Women’s Weekly.
Having been with the Old Bus Depot Markets for so long, Carol has had several favourite moments at the Markets including the special 20th year anniversary celebrations. A special gem to remember was when she used to do a small range of children’s items. “I’ve done their Year 6 formals, their Year 10 formals, their Year 12 formals, and then they got married,” says Carol. “I really feel like part of their family because I’ve known them since they were four and five.”
Having seen many stalls come and go, Carol’s favourite stalls at the moment are all about food. Namely, the Laotian and Jordanian food stalls at the Markets food court.
Come see Carol’s Creations on this 11th November’s Jewel of Canberra event where we’ll also have a special performance by Canberra’s own TraXion Big Band and a display from our friends from the MG Car Club Canberra
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