Soy-FX Soy Candles


Tantalise your senses and enhance your well being with delicious aromas in a natural soy, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly candle. Soy-FX candles are made with certified 100% Natural Soy EcoSoya Wax and Lead/Zinc free cotton wicks. Available in a vast range of products and fragrances, ranging from the fabulous fresh and fruity Mandarin & Mimosa, to the natural earthy moods of Sandalwood & Amber. Or if florals are more your style, try the bouquet of Frangipani or classics such as Lily of the Valley. Even designer fragrances like Chanel #5 or for dessert lovers, Chocolate and even Fresh Coffee are included in the fragrance range.


Soy candles in a variety of containers, glass jars, colourful mosaic, travel tins, melts, tealights and much more.


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