Soy Chic Candles


Soy Chic Candles are a natural alternative that is healthier for you and the environment!!

Soy candles are vegetable based, burn cleaner and cooler, are non-toxic, and burn 25% to 50% longer than regular candles. They can be used as a moisturiser for your skin but I advise to initially perform a small “test patch” on your wrist to check for any possible reactions.

All of my soy candles are hand crafted and hand poured by me, in Canberra and are generously scented with high quality fragrances which last for the entire life of the candle. I have a large range of fragrances available and enjoy trying other scents. It is important for many people to know about my candles’ ingredients and I am happy to confirm that none of the ingredients are animal derived and none of the fragrances that I use are tested on animals. All of my candles can be confidently classed as vegan friendly and my fragrances do not contain petrochemicals, phthalates or parabens.

Soy candles make a fantastic gift for family and friends. I also refill your container for ½ price!!! Just clean the glassware with hot soapy water and select your next fragrance. It’s that simple!

Why not enjoy the beautiful ambiance and fragrance every day!


Large bulb soy candles, small bulb soy candles, woodwick soy candles, metro soy candles (large, medium and small), tea lights, spa lights, travel tins, Faery Wishes soy candles.


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