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A stunning array of antique and vintage jewellery curated and restored by Sandi Gadd. Sandi’s pieces are one-of-a-kind, romantic rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches from bygone eras which have timeless appeal.

“I repair, restore, resurrect, revive, re-thread and re-polish antique and vintage jewellery to give it a new life and a new purpose,” Sandi says.

“Many old pieces can be made contemporary by, for example, re-fashioning a brooch into a necklace or by re-threading old beads in a new way. Think about a beautiful baroque pearl as the highlight in a string of lovely lapis lazuli or amber.”

“Of course some pieces are simply beautiful the way the original designer intended so we just leave those treasures well alone.”

Sandi’s customers often are looking for jewellery which marks significant life events such as a special birthday, anniversary or even an engagement.

“Being part of these important milestones makes my work more meaningful and I love talking to my customers about what suits their lifestyle or the occasion – it gives my work real purpose,” she said.

Her creative and artistic background is evident when she advises customers on how to update heirloom jewellery, which often carries precious emotions and memories, but does not fit their current style.

“We can work together to re-make grandma’s brooch or her ring into a new piece which honours the past while living in the present.”

She has pieces for every budget such as inexpensive, colourful beaded bracelets for a casual look or more expensive sparkling rings for that special question – ‘will you marry me?’

Sandi Gadd brings her unique collection of antique and vintage jewellery to the markets every third Sunday of the month.