Nullarbor Nights Knitwear


Nullarbor Nights was established in 1991. All Nullarbor Nights Clothing and Accessories are hand- crafted in the Canberra region, the wool and silk products are hand-dyed in the glorious colors of the Australian landscape.

Garments may be made to order and may be sent anywhere throughout Australia and internationally They make wonderful gifts and souvenirs as they are so lightweight and easy to post or tuck into luggage.


Hand -Dyed Merino Wool Scarves, Wraps, Jackets, Jumpers and Hats, also Wool Coats, Ruanas and Ponchos, Pure Linen and Pure Silk Clothing, Assorted Brooches and Knit-fasteners, Novelty Scarves, Scrunchies and Throws.


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