Thomas Westra


Since 1996, I have been working on designing, creating and selling contemporary metal furniture and sculpture. I found forging of hot steel enables me to directly take a thought or concept and bring it to life. Experimenting with the shaping of steel and discovering its creative possibilities has been exciting and has lead to a large self taught knowledge base. My main body of work has been the creation of forged steel lizards. The lizard theme allows me to work dynamic organic shapes in three dimensions resulting in a variety of expressions each instilled with life and movement. Commissioned work is also welcome. I can work closely with customers needs to complete any form of metalwork.

We create metal sculptures, the majority formed as lizards and lot of them with a practical use. Thomas have been making his lizards creations for almost 20 years using blacksmithing techniques having added new designs over the years. At the stall you will most likely meet Thomas’ wife Lisbeth, who also helps creating the lizards as well as
selling them.

Thomas also enjoys making other sculptures, some too large to exhibit at the Old Bus Depot Market. You can view one of his larger sculptures at the Kingston Foreshore at the Sapphire Office.



Metal sculptures, many formed as lizards and many with a practical use. Example the wall mounted "Loo Lizard", free standing "Spare Loo Roll Holder Lizard", "Free Standing Loo Roll Holder Lizard", "Towel Lizard", "Door Knocker Lizard", "Garden Hose Holder Lizard", "Door Handle Lizard", "Hook Lizard", "Bell Lizard", "Bottle Lizard", "Lantern Lizard", "Free Standing Paper Towel Lizard", Plant Lizard". Some lizards are just for decoration like the "Small Lizard" and the "Edge Lizard". We also sell metal sculptures formed as snails to hold a tea light or a mosquito coil.


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