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Jordanian Cuisine is Canberra based family business that provide quality hand-made fresh, traditional and authentic dishes. Jordanian cuisine is based on ancient recipes that only use a combination of fresh ingredients and locally grown spices to make a healthy and delicious dish that can be enjoyed ant time of the day by everyone.

traditional Arabic food such as:
1. Mains
a. Kabsah: rice, vegetables and special spices served with chicken
b. Fasulia: green beans cooked with tomato sauce served with rice
c. Kofta: mince meat, onion, parsley and potato cooked with tomato sauce.
d. Musakah: mincemeat, eggplant and tomato sauce.
E. Falafel wrap: hummus, falafel, tomato, lettuces, Tabouli and sauce.

2. Salads
a. Maftool (cous cous): couscous, chickpeas, lentil, onion cucumber, herbs and lemon
b. Freeka salad : Freekah, peas and nuts
c. Fatoosh salad: tomato, cucumber lettuce cheese, fried bread and herbs

3. Pastries
a. Arayes: grilled Lebanese bread stuffed with beef mince
b. Cheese & Spinach Pastry
4. Snacks
a. Cheese Sambusek (flour, cheese, mint)
b. Meat Sambusek (flour, lamb, beef onion, celery, herbs and spices)
c. Chicken Sambusek (flour, chicken, onion, celery, herbs and spices)
d. Vegetarian Sambusek (flour, mixed vegetables and spices)

and Jordanian sweet and much more



Traditional Arabic food





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