Burek Bakery


Burek Bakery is a small Canberra family business specialising in Burek and other Eastern European pastries. Our Burek originates from the balkans. It is hand made using an old family recipe that dates back to 1498. Influenced by the Ottoman empire Burek is typically filled with meat, cheese or vegetables. Variants of this famous pie are found in the cuisines of the Balkans, Turkey, Greece, the South Caucasus, the Levant, and other parts of Eastern Europe and Western Asia
Some of the other variants of this famous pastry include; Burek, Börek, Byrek, Boeregs, byurek, boureki, Bourekas,
“çibörek”, Brik, Pita, Spanokopita


Burek and associated variations, scrolls, pretzels, krofne


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