Ann has spent many days walking the busy cobbled streets of the souks of Morocco, with the vibrant colours of carpets, spices and the delicious smells of the mint tea, to rummage through dusty boxes of silver bringing antique silver to the Old Bus Depot Markets.

Ann believes that old silver and 19th century trade beads have lived another life and have a story to tell. She designs them with the intent to bring their former life into the design. The rings sourced are usually large, old and a little worn, chosen carefully to be worn either on the finger or on a heavy silver chain.

See AnnsEthnicJewellery on Sundays at the Old Bus Depot Markets.


Ethnic style necklaces, bracelets, earrings, designed by Ann with old Moroccan silver pendants, old glass beads plus handmade silver/copper pendants and bracelets made in a silversmithing studio; A collection of rings from Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Yemen and India.





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