Upwell Antiques

Looking towards Portobello Road this 13th January 2019, Upwell Antiques is planning to make a strong presentation of their many collectable items. Expect an assortment of militaria, a range Australian postcards from the early 1900’s, costume jewellery, and collectable lady figurines made of china.

They’ll also have memorabilia from the two World Wars. Items that stand out are what’s called “sweetheart brooches”. It’s a sentimental item that soldiers, sailors, and airmen gave to their sweethearts.  These could come in the form of a miniature rising sun badge or a miniature naval badge that’s been made into a brooch. Silver marks and silver napkin rings have also been popular gift options and wedding presents.


“The War Memorial had never seen something like it before”


Upwell Antiques Owner Terry Boyce found many of these items from auction lots and markets both locally and overseas. He’s found that many people who are downsizing can have some rare pieces in their collection. One item that comes to mind is a steel drinking mug that came from the material of the original HMAS Australia. It was a battleship constructed in 1910 and decommissioned in 1921.

“Before they scuttled the HMAS Australia, they took things off to make into souvenirs,” says Terry. “Some steel was made into a mug by a very well-known English silversmith. From the same thing, I’ve got a little brooch that recognised the participation of that vessel in a sail passed in England in 1917.”

One of the most remarkable things that Terry has found and sold is an Ottoman Empire Imperial Army Bugle. “The War Memorial had never seen something like it before,” says Terry. “It had been captured at either Gallipoli or in the Middle East during the First World War. The War Memorial was then able to identify that it was Imperial Army.”

Portobello Road is all about showcasing the best of antiques and collectables. It will be the perfect time to drop by and see all the unique collectable items from Upwell Antiques. “A lot of people find that they can go to an antique shop or collectable shop and find a far greater variety than they can find in a department store or even online,” says Terry.

Visit Upwell Antiques at the Old Bus Depot Markets on the 13th January for Portobello Road and learn about the history behind the items on display. You can follow them on Twitter @UpwellAntiques.


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