Food of the Month March 2019: Egg Waffles

Like Poyar’s pink and bubbly stall in the food court of the Old Bus Depot Markets, their egg waffles are an eye-catching treat that you simply need to try. They focus on four main dessert items with a few savoury options on the side. Picture delectable treats from the latest Asian craze. As such, their egg waffles have proven to be quite popular just like it’s been a huge trend in places like Hong Kong.

The egg waffles, cooked from a very specific shape, are left to cool once cooked, giving it a crispier texture. It’s then rolled into a cone, making it easy to enjoy with one hand and perfect for walking around. Wallops of ice cream, swirls of whipped cream, and generous servings of candies like M&M’s and Skittles are popular toppings.

The $12 egg waffles are slightly bigger than its regular waffle and pancake counterparts that they also serve. It also comes with as many toppings as you please. There’s only a handful of places where you can get egg waffles in Canberra, and Poyar Owner Ricky Lee guarantees that theirs is as good as it gets.


“I thought to myself that one day, if I open my own restaurant or cafe, I’m going to put this name on.”


While stalls in Hong Kong would have the same basic ingredients, each stall often experiments with their own twist on egg waffles. Ricky applies a similarly thoughtful approach. He’s always thinking of new ways to innovate how it’s served.

While already a staple in Hong Kong street food, Ricky finds that egg waffles are gaining popularity in places like Germany, France, Austria, and Hungary. He finds that here in Australia, a lot of people have yet to try the treat, and it’s that new-ness that helps pique customers’ curiosity.

Ricky is constantly thinking of new ideas to add to Poyar’s menu. He believes inspirations from Japan and Thailand might have the right ingredients to sweeten what’s currently on offer. While the current menu provides a tried and true formula, he thinks there’s still room to grow. 

For winter, they might incorporate a menu that complements the season. Fluffy Japanese pancakes and crispy crepes are brewing in a pot of ideas. “I’m building up my recipes at the moment,” says Ricky. “But once it’s done, expect some Asian-style crepes.”

The name “Poyar” was inspired by his daughter. “Once, she told me that it’s the restaurant that you’re invited to,” says Ricky. “She was four and she was playing with her toys. She made her own shop and menu with the name ‘Poyar.’ I thought to myself that one day, if I open my own restaurant or cafe, I’m going to put this name on.”

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