Milli and Max is perfect ‘for little people’

Handmade soft fabric toys by Old Bus Depot Markets stallholder, Milli and Max for little peopleIt’s all in the name. Milli and Max for little people, is just that. Stuff FOR little people.

Inspired by her own children, Milli and Max, Rowena Liosatos who resides in Bredbo NSW around an hour south of Canberra, has been creating gorgeous things for little people since her own children arrived in the world. After having her son Max, Rowena realised there was nowhere near the amount of cute things for boys as there were for girls, and so she started making toys that catered to both. Creating came easy as she has a background in sewing, having made bridesmaids dresses in her previous life. Rowena makes a great range of mainly soft toys and embellished onesies, with a good number of options just for boys, just for girls, as well as many unisex options.

The super cute Milli and Max range includes everything from sausage dogs, cats, monkeys, mermaids, pirates and dinosaurs, to her Australian range featuring wombats, echidnas, platypus and emus. All toys are stitched, with no buttons or pieces to be pulled off, so all are completely baby safe. They are made from bright colours and Rowena uses mainly 100{919d826c0730d492d9b75cddbb51fd01fa3e5d45dc1125b67f720901bbac5117} cotton materials (and lots of corduroy for added tactility and personality) sourced mainly from Canberra and Cooma. All creations are made from Rowena’s own patterns and designs and, back to the name, all are road tested by THE Milli and Max.

You can find Rowena and the Milli and Max range at the markets every fortnight, including at the upcoming Kids in the Shed theme event on Sunday 12 June 2016. Custom orders are also welcome.