Looking for an interesting workshop? or Just like playing with Wool?

Join Fibre Artist Julianne Ehlert-Connor from Fibre Art in Australia, at the Canberra Wool Expo 2023 and create a beautiful Woven Wall Hanging for your home. Learn the art of weaving on a Loom. In the one and a half hour workshop you will learn how to prepare you Loom for weaving and be taught a variety of different weaving techniques using different yarns and fibres to create volume and texture in your weaving. You will also learn how to take your weaving off the Loom and finish it off for hanging.

There are two Weaving Kits available Dream Weaver Kit 1 includes a Beechwood Loom 29.7 x 18.7 cm (pictured in image 4), and Dream Weaver Kit 2 includes a Beechwood Loom 39 x 26 cm (pictured in image 5).

Both Kits include the following; A Loom warped up and ready to weave. A weaving Comb and Weaving Needle. A Shuttle ( Kit 2 has a Notched Shed Bar not necessary for this workshop), two Fibre Packs for weaving (one to be used in the workshop), two pieces of Dowel (for hanging your weavings), Warp Thread, a Beginner’s Guide to Weaving all in a Calico Bag.

This Weaving Workshop is the only workshop to be run a the Canberra Wool Expo 2023. The Workshop will run at the end of the day in comfortable classroom at The Old Bus Depot. Which allows you the opportunity to spend the day browsing the stalls and finishing the day off with a creative class. I ask that you arrive 10 minutes before the class to receive your Kit and prepare your space for weaving. If you are interested in purchasing any Fibre Art in Australia products please make your purchases before the class as the Wool Expo finishes at 3:30.

Please bring your own scissors. The Workshop will run on the Saturday and Sunday and each workshop is limited to 15 students. The class is suitable for teens and upwards.

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