Don’t junk it – funk it!

Don’t Junk it – Funk it!

We were extremely excited to welcome Rapt! Upholstery to the OBDM stallholder family recently and are pleased to see everyone making Kate and her designs feel welcome. Kate is the owner, designer and upholster at Rapt! and often refers to herself as the ‘Chairy Godmother’, which we think is quite apt!

Kate, based in Jamberoo, takes furniture frames as well as outdated, worn out furniture and works her ‘magic’ to create or up cycle one of a kind, exclusive pieces that are covered in the most vibrant, striking and hand selected fabrics.  Aiming to connect such pieces with a ‘forever home’, Kate has a passion for furniture and all things fabric, and is the ultimate combination of designer and craftswoman.

Rapt! was a result of a few different inspirations for Kate, including her love of texture and fabric, her desire to work independently, as well as her interest in fixing things and restoration. After selling the nursery she once owned and run, Kate enrolled in a course at TAFE in upholstery and timber finishing and never looked back. Every last detail is designed and created by Kate personally.  Customers also have the option of a custom consultation with Kate at the Old Bus Depot Markets, or she can even come to you.

This vivacious designer isn’t afraid to experiment with all kinds of pattern and colour combinations.  In fact her most popular product, Kate’s signature wing chairs, are all one of a kind, happy mixtures of different fabrics and patterns. Her Piecework wing chair is made of many different patterns but it is her Patchwork wing chair, with each piece of the chair a hand stitched patchwork, which really stands out from the crowd.

Their handmade iPad covers and cushions make for great Christmas presents, so be sure to drop in and check them out.  You’ll find Rapt! Upholstery at the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday 18 November, as well as Saturday 8 December and Sunday 9 December 2012.