Claire Patterson Knitwear

Claire Patterson Knitwear

Claire Patterson Knitwear features a range of light to heavy knitwear. They specialise in the use of lighter yarns such as in superfine alpaca, merino, silk, angora, cotton, boucle, Romney Marsh wool, New Zealand possum fur and slub yarn. Finished products include hand-knitted cardigans, layered dressing tops, jackets, coats and scarves. Both summer and winter styles are available.

Knitwear are limited edition as Claire only produces a limited number of any one style. Prices range anywhere from $195 to $250. 

“I began when I read a book about painting and I started dyeing wool,” says Designer Claire Patterson. She mixed colours and experimented with different fabrics. All products are handmade.


“The whole point of quality is that it feels like quality and you get the pleasure out of it”


Claire is maintains only using top quality materials. For instance, knitwear with high quality New Zealand possum fur can best be appreciated for its softness. Similarly, alpaca yarn is nice and silky. “When you buy something that’s unique, you want it to last and maintain its quality,” says Claire. “There’s not much point churning out cheap stuff because it’s all around. The whole point of quality is that it feels like quality and you get the pleasure out of it.”

Claire Patterson Knitwear has been a stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets for 11 years. Claire enjoys her interactions with customers as she’s only gotten to know them better through the years. “We’ve talked about everything from possums to politics,” says Claire. 

In addition to high quality knitwear, expect some hand dyed merino yarns and knitting materials from Claire Patterson Knitwear prepared especially for Creative Fibre on 14 July

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