Access Canberra – Let’s all work together to keep our community safe!


All motorists have a responsibility to park safely and legally. By doing so, you are keeping our community safe – and avoiding the risk of a fine!

With community markets attracting lots of visitors, it’s important that safe parking occurs.

Remember, vehicles parked on a footpath, nature strip or roadside verge can:

  • cause safety risks for pedestrians as they are less visible to oncoming cars 
  • increase the risk for vulnerable members of our community like children, people who are visually impaired, and those using a wheelchair or pram
  • restrict the line of sight for other road users
  • restrict access for emergency services vehicles.

It can also damage trees, footpaths, gutters and underground pipes and cables. Please also remember not to park across driveways or block neighbouring residents’ properties.

Parking inspectors regularly patrol around our markets to support safe parking and our community.

Information on parking safely and legally can be found on the Access Canberra website.

Let’s all work together to keep our community safe!


Assistant Director, Parking Operations & Traffic Camera Compliance

Chief Minister Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Access Canberra