5 Refreshing drinks for the summer

The weather is beautiful. The skies are clear blue. And the sun is shining down, heating up your skin, and my gosh, it’s hot! But don’t worry. The stalls at the Old Bus Depot Markets can keep you cool with 5 refreshing drinks for the summer that you might not find elsewhere.


How about some chilled sugarcane juice farmed from the northern regions of New South Wales? 2Cane’s Phuong Tran fits bundles of sugarcane in his car and drives all the way from Sydney every Sunday because he found that the people down in Canberra love it so much.

Nostalgia is another factor that drives 2Cane. Drinking sugarcane is very common in South East Asia and it’s been enjoyed by many Pacific Islanders. 2Cane, in addition, serves their drinks with a twist. Have a taste of sugarcane with pine-melon mix, strawberry crush, or straight up with a kick of ginger.


We Cold Brew Coffee

It’s wine. It’s Guinness. No, it’s cold brew coffee. Boasting up to 69 percent less acidity than regular coffee, cold brewing pulls out more flavours from coffee beans and lets you enjoy their full profile. It’s the flavours you might miss from regular everyday coffee, because once cooked they can produce a singular taste.

We Cold Brew Coffee uses organic and fairtrade arabica with bespoke equipment for triple filtering ensuring that their coffee comes out intense, infused, and pure. They sell them in different bottles to let you take home and enjoy the next day or even the next week without compromising taste. Different varieties are available with Daft Cow Toasted Coconut, which took six months to perfect, as their signature.


Wild Yunnan Tea

Hailing from the wild forest of the Himalayan region comes the award-winning Wild Yunnan Tea and their vintage varieties. The tea maker won awards from the Australian Tea Expo judged by tea masters from around the world including overall winner for best Pu-erh.

Picked only in Spring from at least 300 year old ancient trees, the tea leaves contain a natural sweetness and can be enjoyed hot or cold thanks to its quality. You only need to add mint, fresh orange slices, lemon, ice, and pour it in a jug. A Christmas-packaged limited edition is coming this season.


Real Chai

Not all “chais” are created equally and Anthea Cahill aka The Chai Girl had dedicated her life to making the most delicious chai in town. Inspired after discovering chai overseas, she was driven by the desire to satisfy her own tastebuds.

Real Chai, founded in 2008, is a hundred percent independent and Australian, specialising in unique boutique spiced tea blends. They keep it real by avoiding any artificial flavours, colours, or hidden nasties. Enjoy Real Chai in different ways including loose leaf chai, honey chai, or the ever-popular chai latte.


Jo’s Juice

If you’re feeling for drinks more familiar and fresh, then Jo’s Juice has you covered. This bright and busy stall often sees a sizeable line waiting to quench their thirst as they watch oranges roll into a processor that squeezes every ounce of vitamin C.

Jo has been a long time stallholder at the Old Bus Depot Markets and his drinks of freshly squeezed orange juice, hot-mulled wine, and lemonade have always proven to be popular. You can count Jo’s Juice to make sure that your next visit to the local market is that much sweeter.


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