10 Unlikely gifts ideas for Christmas

25 November, 2017

The season for giving is fast approaching. Will it be another year, another gift card? How about a pair of loud vintage earrings or a wooden fish that moves? From handcrafted artisan pieces to noteworthy jewelry, your friends at the Old Bus Depot Markets have you covered.

The Metal Guy

Why not use recycled cutlery and other discarded metal objects to make sculptures? See a metal sculpture of a trombone, a miniature jeep, or a scorpion among other intricate pieces emerge from the junkyard as The Metal Guy uses his spontaneity and quirkiness to fight a culture of waste. Commissions and special requests are accepted.


Portobello Princess

Dangle large, sunny palm trees on your ears complete with stripes of bright yellow and blue. Waves included. You can always count on Portobello Princess for pre-loved antique and vintage costume jewelry inspired by the 50’s through to the 80’s. They represent a small number of designers who create unique laser-cut acrylic pieces from Australia, Europe and the UK.


Lampwork Glass

See snakes, elephants, and octopuses borne and designed through the traditional method of lampworking. Vibrant colours cascade and coalesce through the miniatures making them perfect for decorating your office table or other space. Alex Paton has been making glass figurines for over 20 years and each piece has been kiln annealed for strength.


Giardi Design

Towels, bathrobe or an apron might seem like a bit of an afterthought present but it’s wholly the opposite when it comes to Giardi. Their catalogue has been thoughtfully fitted with genuine Swarovski crystals sourced from Austria and embedded in the forms of a koala  or two glasses of champagne among other designs. Personalised embroidery are available upon request.


Rasa’s Snowy Textiles

Rasa offers one of a kind wearable art and home decor that have been individually handcrafted. Her scarves range from silk, cotton and wool and extend to other wearables such as ties and tote bags. Products are dyed from local plants, indigo vat, or fibre reactive dyes. Commissions are welcome.


Gundaroo Puzzler

An elephant wallmount might be in poor taste, but Gundaroo makes this a fun puzzle that the whole family can work on together and assemble. Starting at a local market in 2013, Gundaroo Puzzler has now showcased in several handmade markets. All sorts of animals and other creations are available for you to build and display from kangaroos to fanciful two-storey homes.


Naomi Crowther Gallery

Naomi Crowther’s beautiful paintings create a charming and relaxed atmosphere to any room in your home. Having appeared on “Selling Houses Australia,” Crowther has enjoyed seven annual consecutive sell-out exhibitions with her “Poppies” series at Artespresso, Canberra. She’s won several awards including first prize at the Royal Canberra Art Show.


Anthony Hill Books

Books are pretty much standard fare in terms of gift-giving. But how about one signed by the author? For the history buffs in the family, Anthony Hill is an award-winning author of 18 books and stories starting from the first World War, incorporating a variety of topics. Feel free to drop by and have a chat.


Kingfish & Co

The words “recycled and salvaged? drives the work of Kingfish & Co. But you could easily add in “imaginative, artful, and passionate.” Have a visit to their stall and you’ll find various artwork made of off cut timber pieces including Christmas trees and coffee tables. Bespoke furniture can also be accommodated. Did we mention a talking fish?


Botanic Twist

Why not hang a terrarium on your ears or possess plants on your finger? There’s nothing like mother nature to zest up your outfit of the day. Imagine moss encased in antique copper and glass bead earrings. Botanic Twist produces botanically inspired jewellery, terrariums and other collections of succulents.


Many more gift ideas for Christmas are available at the market this month. Have a visit and come away with a memorable present.

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