• Funky Frog Boutique
    22 May, 2018

    Funky Frog Boutique designs its clothes with kids in mind. Owner Janell Jolley can't count the times she's seen little girls put the dresses on and don't want to take them off.

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  • Milli and Max for Little People
    14 May, 2018

    Toys tend to be gender-based and even those designed for the little ones can have potential choking hazards. That wasn't good enough for Seamstress turned Entrepreneur Rowena Liosatos. 

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  • Young girl with her face painted at the Old Bus Depot markets theme event Kids in the Shed
    THE best family day out at the Markets
    1 June, 2017

    Kids. Kids. Kids. It’s all about the kids this month as we host our annual Kids in the Shed on Sunday 11th June.

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  • Milo the Clown performing at the Old Bus Depot Markets for their annual theme event, Kids in the Shed
    Diary Date: Bring the kids to the Shed
    1 May, 2017

    We’re always all about the kids at the Markets – but on one day of the year in June we really go all-out to make sure the littlies are most impressed.

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  • Handmade toys by Old Bus Depot Markets stallholder, Milli and Max for little people
    Milli and Max is perfect ‘for little people’
    1 June, 2016

    It’s all in the name. Milli and Max for little people, is just that. Stuff FOR little people.

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  • Kids enjoy a performance by Milo the Clown at annual theme event, Kids in the Shed at the Old Bus Depot Markets
    Kids in the Shed
    1 June, 2016

    The markets are always a fab place to take the kids for a memorable day out. And at our upcoming Kids in the Shed* theme event on Sunday 12 June, it’s even more fun

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event, Kids in the Shed. Wooden trains.
    Get the kids out of the house, and into the shed
    1 June, 2015

    Kids. Love ‘em but always need to entertain ‘em. If you’re looking for something great to do with them on a Sunday, take them to our special family theme day, Kids in the Shed, on Sunday 21st June.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event - Kids in the Shed, Milo the Clown
    Put the Kids in the Shed
    3 June, 2014

    Not literally of course! But bring ‘em to the markets on the 15th of this month for our special Kids in the Shed theme day. Find your inner child or just enjoy this fun family day out for children, parents and grandparents. Kids will enjoy entertainment, face painting, yummy things to eat and stacks of stuff just for them. We’ll have lots of cool products for kids for sale on the day from babies, right through to teenagers.

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