• Thelma Gillian Scarves
    12 June, 2018

    It began with her niece's wedding. March in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was just welcoming spring when the cold wind whispered for something over the shoulders. Of course, such a lovely silk divore dress, a mixture of satin and chiffon, in an uncommon mix of green and bright fuschia couldn't simply settle.

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  • Creative Fibre Workshops
    Workshops for Creative Fibre
    29 June, 2017

    This year a selection of our specialist stallholders attending Creative Fibre are offering specialist workshops in arm knitting, embroidery and quilting.

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  • OBDM Creative Fibre
    Ditch the cyber for the fibre
    29 June, 2017

    Calling all creative types! Time to ditch all things cyber, and get into all things fibre. Creative Fibre is on Sunday 9 July, and is the best day to engage with the textile artists who call the Canberra region home. Check out spinning and weaving demos, embroidery and arm knitting workshops, handcrafted homewares, clothing, hand printed textiles, tie dye kits, wool supplies and more.

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  • Get ready for those fibre feelings…
    6 July, 2016

    Sunday 17 July 2016 will see a wide range of talented fibre and textile artists showcase their extensive artworks at this year’s, Creative Fibre.

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  • Printed fabric at Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event, Creative Fibre
    Check out the region’s best textile artists at Creative Fibre
    2 July, 2015

    On Sunday 12th July 2015 our popular theme day, Creative Fibre, allows visitors to immerse themselves in creativity with some of the region’s most talented textile artists showcasing and selling their work.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event - Creative Fibre. Handmade cushions
    Reminder: Creative Fibre on this month
    29 June, 2014

    It’s Creative Fibre month in July. Sunday 13 July to be precise. This is one of our most popular theme days of the year as we will showcase some of the Canberra region’s most talented fibre and textile artists.

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  • Get creative with every fibre of your being
    3 June, 2014

    So Creative Fibre is coming up next month, 13 July to be exact. It’s probably one of our most popular theme days of the year as the day always showcases some of the Canberra region’s most talented fibre and textile artists. This is the tenth year for Creative Fibre and it’s always such a great opportunity for the community to engage with the region’s fibre and textile artists – people who design, print on fabric, weave, make baskets, knit and hand dye fabric.

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