Christmas & Collectables Weekend

This event will run on:

  • Saturday 22nd December from 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 23rd December from 10am-4pm

By this time, we're so close to the holidays! And you can bet our stallholders are aware and everyone's in the holiday spirits. If ever there was a time to do any last minute shopping, this would be it. Like our Markets for December, we've extended Collectable Sundays for the whole weekend.

Fancy yourself as a collector? On the fourth Sunday of the month, we highlight collectables – anything from records, to furniture and antiques. If it’s worth collecting, you’ll find it here.  On Collectable Sunday, we host a range of different stallholders who deal in an ever-changing stock of collectable items including ceramics and glassware, china and vintage clothing. If you’re into collecting smaller items, you’ll find things like small antiques, lamps and vinyl records. Larger collectables featured on this day include furniture such as Chippendale chairs.

Super Christmas Weekend

This event will run on:

  • Saturday 8th December from 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 9th December from 10am-4pm


We're so excited for the holidays and are grateful for the festive season. As it’s also the season for giving, we’ve made sure that everyone has both Saturday and Sunday to browse for gifts that friends and family will remember in years to come. All our stallholders are welcome for this weekend making sure you have a wide selection of goodies to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Spread those holiday cheers!

A Super Sunday, in this case a Super Christmas Weekend, is one of the most bustling events at the Old Bus Depot. Take a bite of some freshly baked bread, eye artful accessories from long-time jewellers, and listen to our many talented performers. It's always exciting since you never know which mix of stalls you'll see for this themed event.