• Retro Depot
    The Depot goes Retro in October
    4 October, 2017

    Let’s go retro! Sunday 8th October is Retro Depot in October at the Markets, with mid-century furniture, funky retro clothing, jewellery, accessories and more.

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  • Portobello Road at the Old Bus Depot Markets
    Everything old is new
    26 July, 2017

    Antiques have made a comeback. There’s no doubt about it. Art deco trends are here to stay, and the luxuriousness of antique, one-of-a-kind pieces is just one reason they’re so popular. Portobello Road in August, on the 13th, is coming up fast, so if browsing collections of distinctive pieces is your thing, then you’re in luck.

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  • Creative Fibre Workshops
    Workshops for Creative Fibre
    29 June, 2017

    This year a selection of our specialist stallholders attending Creative Fibre are offering specialist workshops in arm knitting, embroidery and quilting.

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  • OBDM Creative Fibre
    Ditch the cyber for the fibre
    29 June, 2017

    Calling all creative types! Time to ditch all things cyber, and get into all things fibre. Creative Fibre is on Sunday 9 July, and is the best day to engage with the textile artists who call the Canberra region home. Check out spinning and weaving demos, embroidery and arm knitting workshops, handcrafted homewares, clothing, hand printed textiles, tie dye kits, wool supplies and more.

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  • Portobello Road at the Old Bus Depot Markets 2017
    Change of date: Portobello Road
    2 June, 2017

    The date of August's much anticipated Portobello Road has changed from the 20th of August to the 13th of August. Make sure to mark the new date in your diary!

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  • Young girl with her face painted at the Old Bus Depot markets theme event Kids in the Shed
    THE best family day out at the Markets
    1 June, 2017

    Kids. Kids. Kids. It’s all about the kids this month as we host our annual Kids in the Shed on Sunday 11th June.

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  • Makers’ Workshops for A Celebration of Wool
    10 April, 2017

    For the first time ever, this year’s wool days will also feature Makers’ Workshops - book now!

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  • Skiens of rainbow wool at the Old Bus Depot Markets theme event - A Celebration of Wool
    Wool lovers unite for our two-day wool fest
    4 April, 2017

    We knew you loved wool. We see it at our A Celebration of Wool event each year. Which is why this year our most popular theme event will run over two BIG days - Saturday 20 May AND Sunday 21 May.

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  • Wooden printing blocks at the Old Bus Depot Markets theme event, Portobello Road
    Hunt for collectables and antiques on Easter Sunday
    4 April, 2017

    Who needs another Easter egg hunt when you can hunt for collectables and small antiques with us at Portobello Road on Easter Sunday?

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  • A selection of brightly coloured wool balls of the Old Bus Depot Markets for a Celebration of Wool
    NEW Diary Date: TWO huge days to celebrate wool this year
    1 March, 2017

    This year our A Celebration of Wool is over TWO big days – Saturday 20 May AND Sunday 21 May.

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  • Retro Depot at the Old Bus Depot Markets, Sunday 12 March 2017
    March on in for a retro revival
    28 February, 2017

    It’s retro revival all round! There’s a reason many people seek out retro items – because the designs and colours of times gone by are just way too cool.

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  • Striped handcrafted African basket at the Old Bus Depot Markets from specialist stallholder for International Day, Ogomeh
    Canberra’s multicultural community on show at International Day
    30 January, 2017

    Celebrate Canberra’s rich and diverse multicultural community at this year’s International Day, taking place at the markets on Sunday 12 February 2017.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets 2016, handmade necklace with semi precious stones
    Bring on the bling at The Jewel of Canberra
    3 November, 2016

    Love a bit of something-something to give you some sparkle? On Sunday 13 November, the markets are definitely somewhere you want to be for The Jewel of Canberra.

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