• Fresh made Dutch Pancakes/Poffertjes from Old Bus Depot markets stallholder, Le'Moon/Yep
    Taste something new in our Multicultural Food Hall
    27 February, 2017

    Change is as good as a holiday, or in this case a new taste sensation. There have been some changes to our multicultural food hall of late, with two new foodies sharing some wonderful flavours each Sunday.

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  • Saucy Spice Co, Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder
    Spice up your life with the Saucy Spice Co.
    1 October, 2016

    Looking for an excuse to spice up your life? Steve and Sue from Saucy Spice Co. can help you with that.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Aussie Beanball Trees
    Grow your own ‘lucky’ native from Aussie Beanball Trees
    31 August, 2016

    You’ll be just like Jack waiting for your magic bean to crack and shoot up when you take home a seed from Aussie Beanball Trees.

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  • Rice, chickpae and meat meal from new eat-in stallholder Jordanian Cuisine at the Old Bus Depot Markets
    We’ve added tasty Jordanian Cuisine to the menu
    2 March, 2016

    We’re excited to officially welcome a new eat-in food stall to our Market – and what interesting food!

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  • NEW: Have you tried Johnny’s falafel?
    2 February, 2016

    Have you tried Johnny’s falafel? Well, have you? If you haven’t, then you should.

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  • Large
    A splash of colour from Yvette Fitzpatrick Art
    2 February, 2016

    If you’ve got the passion, you can make great things happen. Artist Yvette Fitzpatrick is a local self-taught artist, working full time to create her stunning vibrant artwork from her home studio.

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  • Handmade green and blue silk scarf by Old Bus Depot Markets stallhodler, Thelma Gillian
    A touch of femininity from Thelma Gillian Scarves
    1 November, 2015

    Scarves are so beautiful and can add that extra touch of femininity to any outfit. And at this time of year, silk scarves from Thelma Gillian Scarves do just the trick.

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  • Colouful wool skeins by Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder - Camelot Mohair
    High quality yarns bring a little bit of luxury
    29 July, 2015

    Luxury, high quality yarns. That’s what mother daughter team, Irene and Michelle Rawlings, focus on these days at Camelot Mohair.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Moondrop Pearls
    Drop in for some Moondrops
    29 June, 2015

    Moondrop Pearls, has been at the markets since 1997 with a range of genuine, freshwater pearls in every shape and size. Karen makes and sells genuine cultured pearls on the lower level of the markets every Sunday.

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  • Selection of Teas in glass jars from Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Glenbog Nurseries and Tea
    Glenbog Nurseries
    30 May, 2015

    What do you do if you own a well-established nursery and want to ‘branch’ out so to speak? Get into teas of course.

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  • The best burek in town
    27 April, 2015

    Burek. Yummy handmade deliciousness. Made from pastry that is stretched out until it’s very thin, and then baked full of either sweet or savoury fillings. Haven’t tried it? Then you should definitely come and taste the best burek in town from Burek Bakery at the markets.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets - April 2015 enewsletter - Stallholder Crafted³
    Crafted Cubed has the coolest cupcakes
    31 March, 2015

    Crafted³ business owner Natalie Hare wanted to make sure people can have their cake and eat it too. Being anaphylactic herself, Natalie knew what it was like to be challenged by certain foods, and was often saddened by children with dietary restrictions having to miss out. So she started her cupcake business to cater for them – and her cakes are amazing!

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Leonaura. White handmade lace dress.
    Feminine comfy clothing by Leonaura
    26 January, 2015

    Sometimes it can be hard for women to find good clothes. Something that makes you feel good, sexy and feminine, but is comfortable as well. That’s why we say when you find something good like Leonaura, stick with it.

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