• Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder at The Slab - Get Lucky
    Get Lucky Sandwich Shop @ The Slab
    11 September, 2015

    These sandwiches are super tasty. Fresh, well made, lightly toasted sandwiches with a range of high quality meats, the best cheeses, seasonal vegetables and accompaniments on really good bread. Simple as that.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Suitcase Dollhouse. Upcycled vintage suitcase to a dollhouse
    Going, going GREEN!
    3 September, 2015

    Any time is a good time to look at how you can bring a little more green into your life. September is the time of year the market brings it into focus with our special theme day Green Savvy Sunday.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, From Small Beginnings set up at the markets with their handmade signs and products
    Good things come From Small Beginnings
    2 September, 2015

    Anyone who has children knows there’s lots of great things that come from being a parent. And for Jennifer Wallace and her husband Luke, their daughter coming along has seem them flourish with their new business, From Small Beginnings.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Busker, Andre Camilleri and the Wretched Few single cover for 'I long for the Silence'
    Spotlight on Buskers: Andre Camilleri and the Wretched Few
    1 September, 2015

    How could you not be interested in hearing music best described as a mix of alternative country and folk? This is how Andre Camilleri describes the style of his Canberra based acoustic trio known as Andre Camilleri and the Wretched Few.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Buskers, Jumptown Swing. Performing at the markets
    Spotlight on Buskers: Jumptown Swing
    30 July, 2015

    Ever wanted to learn to swing dance? Jumptown Swing, Canberra’s best in swing dance, has been running classes for over 12 years. And their experienced and passionate teaching team are great at getting people up and dancing in no time.

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  • Colouful wool skeins by Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder - Camelot Mohair
    High quality yarns bring a little bit of luxury
    29 July, 2015

    Luxury, high quality yarns. That’s what mother daughter team, Irene and Michelle Rawlings, focus on these days at Camelot Mohair.

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  • Natural Soy Candle products by Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Lush Soy Candles
    These candles are just a little bit lush
    28 July, 2015

    Burning candles is a wonderful way to create a sense of warmth and atmosphere in a space, and when that candle burns to create a divine fragrance, the sensory experience is just pure bliss.

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  • Vintage telephones and cameras at Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event, Portobello Road
    How treasuring for a hobby becomes a profession for Canberra region collectors
    27 July, 2015

    Ever wonder how people start collecting things? Be it vintage clothing, antiques, kitchenware or rare typewriters and cameras. How about the people who make a good living out of collecting and then selling their pieces?

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  • Printed fabric at Old Bus Depot Markets Theme Event, Creative Fibre
    Check out the region’s best textile artists at Creative Fibre
    2 July, 2015

    On Sunday 12th July 2015 our popular theme day, Creative Fibre, allows visitors to immerse themselves in creativity with some of the region’s most talented textile artists showcasing and selling their work.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Lily's Garden Gifts. Succulents
    NEW: Grab a little greenery from Lily’s Garden Gifts
    1 July, 2015

    Sometimes you just want a little green to brighten your day. And that’s just how Canberra local, Kathryn Flockton, started her business Lily’s Garden Gifts.

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  • Spotlight on Buskers: Matt Withers
    30 June, 2015

    Matt Withers is an internationally acclaimed classical guitar performer who is bound to wow the crowd at the markets with his performances of Spanish, Latin and classical guitar.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets Stallholder, Moondrop Pearls
    Drop in for some Moondrops
    29 June, 2015

    Moondrop Pearls, has been at the markets since 1997 with a range of genuine, freshwater pearls in every shape and size. Karen makes and sells genuine cultured pearls on the lower level of the markets every Sunday.

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  • Old Bus Depot Markets, upcycled Vetro e Metallo scarf tie
    Winter warmers await
    2 June, 2015

    It’s official. It’s winter. As if the weather hasn’t already shared that fact with you. It may be tempting to hibernate at this time of year, but get out amongst it and you’ll find the markets offer a lot to warm you up.

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